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Franchise Investing Can Be Risky

You can lose your entire investment

Choosing the wrong franchise can lead to financial losses

Locked in to a Terrible Agreement

Failing to protect yourself can lead to losses

Mismanaged Franchise

Picking the wrong franchise can expose you to losses

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David Lee

Meet David Lee, Your Franchise Mentor and Investor

I started my own franchise business and struggled to make it work. After several attempts and investing more than I could afford, I lost everything. Then I created a new marketing and business strategy and have developed a highly successful franchise operation.

Since then, I've invested in various franchise businesses and have developed a successful operating business model that has generated combined revenues of over $20 million annually. And now, I am making my business plan and my investment opportunities available to you.

  • Retired Vice President/Financial Advisor for investment firms, such as Morgan Stanley, Raymond James, and Charles Schwab.
  • Franchise and business owner since 2007.
  • Built over 100 franchise businesses.

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