Franchise Consulting

All-Star Franchise specializes in franchise development. Whether starting a new franchise, reworking an existing brand, or converting company-owned operations, All-Star Franchise has the experience to help build a successful business. While various franchisors have different needs, all have two basic needs in common--speed and accuracy. In a constantly changing marketplace, All-Star Franchise meets needs for experience and flexibility.

All-Star Franchise conducts an evaluation of each business concept to determine whether franchising is a company's best course of action. For many businesses, franchising may not be appropriate. Our highly experienced consultants conduct thorough feasibility analyses and communicate the benefits and drawbacks of potentially establishing a franchise company.

Upon determining a company is ready to franchise, All-Star Franchise collaborates with the business to plan a cost-effective franchise development program. All-Star Franchise educates business owners and operators about franchising, working with companies to establish successful techniques for marketing, branding, and growth.

An All-Star Franchise development process includes:

  • Complimentary Feasibility Study
  • Strategic Planning for franchise growth
  • Franchise Legal Documentation
  • Franchise Operations and Training Manuals
  • Franchisee Recruitment
  • Franchise Marketing Material
  • Franchise Sales Training
  • Franchise Compliance
  • Branding and Marketing