Building a Franchised Store

Buying into a franchise is a long-term investment that will cost large amounts of capital but can eventually pay dividends. Many initial fees associated with franchising involve building out a location. When one chooses to become a franchisee, one will incur expenses in the range of a couple hundred thousand dollars, some of which will cover training costs and much of which will pay for store design and construction.

A commercial build-out can reshape and redesign an entire space. One should choose a construction company with experience designing and rebuilding retail spaces. Using a second-generation space is highly beneficial and cost-effective when building out a franchise location. Being able to repurpose a space without redesigning it entirely can save a franchisee immense amounts of money.

Spec spaces and shell spaces are also options for a potential franchised business. Finding a spec space is often difficult, as property owners are less likely to have a space readily made for a specific business type than they are to have a second-generation space used by a previous tenant with a similar business. Shell spaces, meanwhile, allow for personalization similarly to second-generation spaces, but costs for building out a shell space are immensely higher than those of a second-generation space. A shell space requires more design and construction and can take longer to finish.

No matter the type of space, a commercial build-out is an extremely costly investment. Franchisees must ensure they choose a franchise that will form a healthy long-term partnership that will be mutually beneficial. Buying into a franchise is a significant expense that requires commitment, business savvy, and a willingness to endure great expenses to launch a successful franchise.

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